Saturday, November 5, 2011

Class Boredom 1


As fellow students would know sometimes class can mentally drain you and leave you in a vegetable state, thus drawing is the best outlet to keep awake. In class I got lucky enough to be in a computer lab and sketch some goofy goblin. In another class i decided to do a stylized self portrait since I am trying to improve my realistic drawing. Comments and Critiques are greatly appreciated if you feel the need to post them =). as you will see the goblin is not 100% finished but I felt him necessary to see the light of the internet, or perhaps have him meet his cousins a.k.a. (Internet Trolls).

Cordially Yours,

Jordan "Dragon Fodder" Franklin

Goofy Goblin

Itsa Me!

Spring Project 2011 (updated)

Welcome again!

I am here to present some of my artwork for a project I did in a class in spring of 2011. The project was to develop a game document and get the proper paperwork figured out. the concept art will be displayed below and here is also a link to the documentation itself. If you are interested on the game details you can always shoot me an email and I would gladly discuss it with you! 

Hope to post again soon,

Jordan "Green Castle Crasher" Franklin

Enemy (Cactus)
Enemy (Swat Dude)

World (City)
World (European)
World (Latin America)

Character (Gustopher)

Villian (Kohn)

Character (Masked Wrestler)

Character (French)

Mock Screenshot 1

Mock Screenshot 2

Dem Robots!

Hello Internet it has been a long time.

To try and redeem my absence I've come bearing some concept art i've had around that has needed to be uploaded for a while. This is a character I have been working on for a little bit as practice outside of school work. He is a basic robot that is set out for a marvelous single player adventure. If you have any comments or questions or critiques feel free to leave your comments below.


Jordan "Doc Holiday" Franklin