Saturday, November 5, 2011

Class Boredom 1


As fellow students would know sometimes class can mentally drain you and leave you in a vegetable state, thus drawing is the best outlet to keep awake. In class I got lucky enough to be in a computer lab and sketch some goofy goblin. In another class i decided to do a stylized self portrait since I am trying to improve my realistic drawing. Comments and Critiques are greatly appreciated if you feel the need to post them =). as you will see the goblin is not 100% finished but I felt him necessary to see the light of the internet, or perhaps have him meet his cousins a.k.a. (Internet Trolls).

Cordially Yours,

Jordan "Dragon Fodder" Franklin

Goofy Goblin

Itsa Me!

Spring Project 2011 (updated)

Welcome again!

I am here to present some of my artwork for a project I did in a class in spring of 2011. The project was to develop a game document and get the proper paperwork figured out. the concept art will be displayed below and here is also a link to the documentation itself. If you are interested on the game details you can always shoot me an email and I would gladly discuss it with you! 

Hope to post again soon,

Jordan "Green Castle Crasher" Franklin

Enemy (Cactus)
Enemy (Swat Dude)

World (City)
World (European)
World (Latin America)

Character (Gustopher)

Villian (Kohn)

Character (Masked Wrestler)

Character (French)

Mock Screenshot 1

Mock Screenshot 2

Dem Robots!

Hello Internet it has been a long time.

To try and redeem my absence I've come bearing some concept art i've had around that has needed to be uploaded for a while. This is a character I have been working on for a little bit as practice outside of school work. He is a basic robot that is set out for a marvelous single player adventure. If you have any comments or questions or critiques feel free to leave your comments below.


Jordan "Doc Holiday" Franklin

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Updates on the emptiness

Dear followers,

I apologize for the massive gap in my posts. recently i have had alot on my mind and school troubles have kept me busy. i have gotten some things drawn that i hope to have up here very soon. in the meantime i want to apologize again for the breaks in my posts =(. I hope to be posting again very soon.

Yours Truly,
Jordan"The Hammer"Franklin

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Long Time No See!

My adoring fans,

It is such a beautiful day outside =). the sun is shining and the town is bustling, I'm not sure why I'm inside writing this. I did want to apologize for being a bit tardy on my postings, for you see Finals are next week and I have to finish them all and be a good student. On a brighter note I will be fixing my school work up to post on here for you all to see. I also would like to update my personal photo today so we shall see how that goes. My words of wisdom for you today are this, "Life is a party so we might as well dance!" For now I must bid you all farewell because the day beckons me, but I shall be returning quite soon! 

Cordially Yours,

Jordan "Sunshine" Franklin

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sketching Practice 2

Hello People,

As you can see this is a recurring post I would like to keep going to demonstrate a little of my artistic prowess. This picture is another female friend of mine which I decided to sketch which took probably two hours in total. Eventually I will do a male drawing but for the time being I'm really focused on making female anatomy click in my head (or at least making them look pretty). So without further delay i present my latest sketch;

Comments and critiques are always welcome of course. Have a good day everyone =).

Cordially Yours,

Jordan "Tiberius" Franklin

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A little Inspiration

Hello Again,

This post is about one of the many things ive come across in my time as a college student. While I was taking a leadership workshop they gave us a story called "The Starfish". I'm not sure why I found it so uplifting but I wanted you all see what it is. Sadly I do not know the original author and i personally have no affiliation with the story(for all you government officials) =P.

The Starfish

A young boy and his father were walking along a beach after a bad storm, and hundreds of starfish, as well as seaweed and seashells, were lying along the coast.

The boy, running ahead of his father, started picking up the starfish and began throwing them with all his might back into the water.

The father, realizing the futility of his young son's attempt, said to the boy, "Son, there are entirely too many starfish for you to throw back into the water. you can save a few of them, but there is no hope for the rest...  Why are you doing this?"

The young boy replied, "I know there are a lot of them, dad, and I'll never be able to save them all. But at least I am saving the ones that i can...  And to them, I matter."

I hope you enjoyed the story.

Cordially Yours,

Sir Franklin the Chivalrous

Sketching Practice

Hello Everyone,

I apologize it has been a bit since my first post. Ive been sorting through some of my work and i could not choose what to put up here. however this will be my first post with artwork so yay! I was sketching a photo of my friend late at night and I thought it would go great on here. I hope to have a few more things up today too to balance out the empty days.Yes I realize there's a few things wrong with it but that's where you can come in and let me know on the comments =). Hope you all enjoy it.

Cordially Yours,

Jordan "Ace" Franklin

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A New Frontier

Hello Internet.

My Name Is Jordan Thomas Franklin. I am a Student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh studying in the field of Game Art and Design.  I had the Revelation today that I should create my first blog and try to get myself noticed in the working world. On this blog (or blogs) i hope to showcase some of my work i am doing in school (my own work), talk about some things that interest me, and Just get the world to know who i am. So i now will take my first step into the "Blog World" and show everyone I'm here to stay!

Cordially Yours,

Jordan Thomas Franklin