Monday, July 8, 2013

The Next Chapter: Graduation

Hello Again,

It has been a long and grueling trail but the end has been reached. I am officially graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors Degree in Science.

So what comes next? Recently my efforts have been put towards fixing up my home life, applying to companies, and enjoying the break I have not gotten in my years of working for the school.

My next chapter has begun and I'm thrilled to begin writing it;  from job leads and industry opportunities, to personal challenges to continue my growth as an artist, and to continue my growth as a game designer.

That is all for this post and be sure to stay tuned in for new works and challenges of my own doing.

Cordially yours,
Jordan "Wham-Shell" Franklin

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Winter 2013

Its been a great Quarter Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have made some good progress over this quarter and its time to have a wrap up of all that has happened.

my first jump was in a class called team game production where we work on a student concepted project for  6 - 9 months. our last project which was just finishing up at the end of this quarter was Modus Operandi where you take the role of Detective Morris who is looking for clues on the bloodshot killer.  My contributions for the project were in the design of the HUD and main menu. I also was the Concept and Design lead for the past 3 months on the project.

However since the project was coming to and end our teacher had students pitch their ideas for next quarter... and my idea was picked! It is an environment piece set in a desert trade city. I wont go into much more details until it is more fleshed out but I will show you all some of the concept work;
Concepts I worked on
Clothing Concepts

Points Of Interest ( Rough)

Overhead Map

Concepts done by others
Environment Concept

Priest Concept

Guard Concepts

My next accomplishment was passing Pre - Portfolio here at college. I feel satisfied that I passed but I still have to get through one more quarter before I'm in the clear.  Here are some of the renders of my work;
Camera 1

Camera 2

Camera 3

Camera 4

Camera 5

Floor Piece

Floor Piece Wireframe


Gate Wireframe


Statue Wireframe
Bomb Wireframe
And for my last hurdle I finished my first Facial Animation.  We were tasked in creating a facial animation from a 10 second sound file of our choice.  not much else to explain except for watching the finished product;

That sums up Winter Quarter but be sure to check back for more updates and leave any feedback or comments!

Cordially Yours,
Jordan "Wishmaster" Franklin

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Global Game Jam 2013

Happy New Years!

This is a very exciting post because not only is it my first post of the new year but with it I bring more of my work (moreso the work of a team).

I personally attended the Global Game Jam of 2013 at the Pittsburgh Location, in which each group was given the task of creating a game within 48 hours. this is our game:

The whole experience was phenomenal and a great way to see how things will go for the rest of my professional career. We went through some tough times, some sleepy times, some nervous times, and some fun times. the game is about a creature making his way back home. The world is deadly to you and causes constant damage, however the lanterns lights provide protection. here is a link to the main page where you can download and play the game:

if you don't have time to play it then here is a video of the gameplay:

Overall I hope to continue working on this and making it something more. That is all for this post but stay tuned for more work from yours truly!

Cordially Yours,
Jordan "Wolverine" Franklin