Monday, August 27, 2012

Speed Challenge #4

News Flash!

Here is the submission I made for the 4th speed art challenge on polycount. The word this time was "Solitary" and since I know that chameleons are solitary creatures I decided to do a face of one =).

Comments and Critiques are welcome and hope you can join in(fellow game art students)

Jordan "Blee-Bloo" Franklin

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Speed Challenge #3

Quick Blast!

this post is just the work i submitted on polycount for the AIP game art speed challenge. Comments and Critiques are always appreciated.

Jordan "Chest-Burster" Franklin

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shaman WIP

Hello Followers,

I decided to post my second work in progress character started from Zbrush. right now he is in the process of getting high poly modeled, but eventually he will be re-topologized, textured, and re-imported back into 3ds max. This post will be short since it's early and I just wanted to show off my character and the ability to render a turn-around from Zbrush.

Comments and Critiques are welcome. Thanks for visiting and I will post more work soon.

Cordially Yours,
Jordan "Sash" Franklin

Friday, August 3, 2012

The First Two Years: Part Two

Hello again folks,

This post contains some animatics I have done from my digital storytelling class back in 2010. I wanted to motivate myself into progress because recently I've been spinning my wheels. Seeing how far I have come in these three years is really eye opening and inspiring. Obviously I still have a long way to go but improvement is happening. so without further adieu here is my videos.

Comments and Critiques are welcome, since its always nice to hear what I did wrong or right =).
Now I must get back to the drawing board and concoct up some more sketches, models, and things that look pretty. Til next time.

Cordially Yours,
Jordan " Zombie Slayer " Franklin

The First Two Years: Part One

Hello to all!

Since my graduation day is coming closer and closer I decided to take a moment and reflect on some old work I had. In this post I will show some old digital images I edited in a photoshop class as well as two 3D models I made back in the day. This is not portfolio work and I merely post it as a reminder that we all improve and can continue on a growing path.

Next post will contain some videos so keep an eye open!

Cordially Yours,
Jordan " Spirit Breaker " Franklin