Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Global Game Jam 2013

Happy New Years!

This is a very exciting post because not only is it my first post of the new year but with it I bring more of my work (moreso the work of a team).

I personally attended the Global Game Jam of 2013 at the Pittsburgh Location, in which each group was given the task of creating a game within 48 hours. this is our game:

The whole experience was phenomenal and a great way to see how things will go for the rest of my professional career. We went through some tough times, some sleepy times, some nervous times, and some fun times. the game is about a creature making his way back home. The world is deadly to you and causes constant damage, however the lanterns lights provide protection. here is a link to the main page where you can download and play the game:

if you don't have time to play it then here is a video of the gameplay:

Overall I hope to continue working on this and making it something more. That is all for this post but stay tuned for more work from yours truly!

Cordially Yours,
Jordan "Wolverine" Franklin