Monday, February 20, 2012

[COMPLETE] 30 Day Drawing Challenge


Again it has been forever since we last encountered internet, so I decided to bring my 30 Day Drawing Challenge to the table.  This challenge I had found on a google search so I decided to push myself to draw more by doing it. SO without further adieu I bring you my submissions with commentary;

Original Document

Self Portrait from a picture I took at halloween

my favorite animal the White Siberian Tiger

Favorite food is my mothers' Chicken Corn Soup

A man's den is his domain


Drizzt Do'Urden

A word with amazing versatility and possibilities

Toothless is adorable. Hands down

The series I have the most seasons of

Ruth! Ruth!

One of the coolest books I've ever read; The Last Lecture

A good night of DND.  truly a massive victory!

Was relevent at the time of situations...

One of my little kid favorite movies, before the Hot Topic boom

I've been trying to experiment with silhouettes for quite some time now

Another spawn of enthusiasm from my Acting part of the brain

Used to grow outside the back of my Dad's house. always liked the way they looked

I have no idea...

Someone special was introduced in my life. so far so good!

My favorite pokemon happened to be Orange

I've been craving A nice entertainment stand for some time

Remember those days when you didnt have to worry? yes that's what was in mind

Can't live without the elements right?

As of Valentine's Day...

I need work on my scenery sketches/Painting

No offense to you Juggalo's/Jugalletes out there I was just personally never a fan

Luke + His favorite superhero. Go

I've been playing alot of Sprial Knights recently

I've always wanted to go to London, so full of history

LEVEL UP!  Finally finished

I am open to critiques or comments on these. They were mostly just done to self inspire myself to draw more and so far they worked a little.  Hope you enjoyed it and have a great day.

Cordially Yours,

Jordan "Vanguard" Franklin